We're pleased to offer the following services at Veterinary Care and Specialty Group:

Emergency Care

Veterinary Care & Specialty Group offers around the clock care in the areas of emergency and critical care. Our state-of-the-art ICU offers 24/7 oxygen therapy, emergency surgery services, wound treatment, and trauma care. A full in-house lab offers chemistry, CBC, blood gases, coagulation panels and blood typing. Our facility offers in-house blood bank for canine and feline blood transfusions; including pRBC, whole blood and fresh frozen plasma transfusions.

ct scans

Advanced Imaging

Meet Epica's multi-modality imaging masterpiece that does not ask you to compromise on any front - Vimago, the world's most advanced veterinary imaging device. Vimago is a robotic, high definition, computed tomography-fluoroscopy-digital radiography platform that is capable of imaging an entire patient in a single series and can fit even extremely large dogs.



At VCSG we offer full endoscopic services such as upper and lower GI, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy and foreign body retrieval. We also offer laparoscopic assisted procedures such as liver and pancreatic biopsies, cystotomies, ovariohysterectomy and gastropexy.


Ultrasound imaging utilizes sound waves to form an image of internal structures. It allows more sensitive imaging of the internal organs and soft tissue structures of the body relative to radiographs. While untrasound imaging does not penetrate bone well, it is very sensitive for detective fluid in a body cavity or organ. Ultrasound guided aspirates or biopsy of lesions may be performed to characterize abnormalities. Ultrasound imaging is utilized to perform echocardiograms of the heart to measure chamber size, measure velocity of blood across heart valves. Imaging is performed with the patient laying on the side or back and only rarely requires sedation.


Discounted services are offered to rescue groups who have provided their tax exempt information. We look forward to building a relationship with any rescue group interested in our services. Please contact us at [email protected]


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